Live Like You… Died.

“Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.” Psalm 34:5

There are very few things worse than a dead car battery– let’s be honest. What do you do? You’re in a parking lot at 2 AM because you had to go to Wal Mart for last minute project materials, and your car battery decides to take a little nap. Conveniently, there is no one in the parking lot to help (probably because it is 2 AM). You can’t call your parents because they are long gone to sleep, and even if you did, they would want to know why you aren’t getting a healthy amount of sleep, why you procrastinated, why you are irresponsible, etc. It’s a helpless feeling… a realization that there is no hope of life in something that is dead. And then… it hit me.

Easter was recently celebrated, although it feels like it never happened (that, in itself, is a red flag).  But I couldn’t help but ponder the hugeness of that holiday. Something that none of us could ever do was done– death was trumped. We were given purpose… a hope that didn’t fear death, because we were given hope in something that transcended such a mortal fear. Holy crap– that’s kind of ridiculous. And life-changing. Life-giving. 

What does it mean to be fully alive? I’ve always heard the phrase “live like you were dying,” (not just from the Tim McGraw song but just in general ha) but I’m not really sure if that’s the correct slogan. I think there is only true life, FULL life in resurrection– in the restoration of life once it is taken/given away. To many people’s shock, Jesus is not the only Once who can be raised from the dead. 

Easter is about Christ’s life, death, and resurrection– but it also involves a vital reminder for us all. We must die. Our hearts must be killed in order to raise up a new heart, a FULLY ALIVE heart that buzzes with the spontaneity of the Spirit. Before we die, we REALLY are like a dead car battery– dormant, lifeless, and hopeless without jumper cables or a replacement battery.  When our hearts die to ourselves, the Spirit raises it to a new glory– to a heart that is fully alive and awake from the grave. So maybe it’s less about living like we are dying… and more about living like we have already died. It is then we come to know life at its fullest. 

The beauty of Christ’s resurrection is that it was not just a historical event– it’s a current event that is meant to be lived out daily. We are called to live a resurrected life, a life jumped off by the jumper cables of Christ and His beautiful spirit. Until we are raised from the dead, we remain just that– dead. Christ’s resurrection was a conquering of death’s power, and Satan is thwarted daily with each new heart that rises from the grave of sinful nature. A resurrected heart… is a good heart. The heart we are born with is wicked, wretched, and resoundingly dead. There is hope for man’s heart– but it must die first and come back as something new and full of a life from Christ. 

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken a pit stop on the old Airstream. Life gets busy, routines are developed, and productivity pushes ahead of wisdom in the planner of life. But the Spirit IS wisdom, and obedience to such Wisdom’s instructions trump productivity any day of the week. So it’s time to examine the battery, freshen up my relationship with the jumper cables, and re-start a heart fully alive.

“Rise heart. For thy Lord is risen.” Indeed He is. And it’s high time we all see the life in resurrection and the necessity of death for life.

With a revived Airstream battery,



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