Weather What You Can, Realize What You Have..

There truly is a time for everything. There’s a time for man to fall– there’s a time for his glorious getting-back-up.  A time to lose, a time to win… A time for everything. I think life likes to take its time in teaching us that, probably because that kind of lesson isn’t really learned overnight. It’s learned after you see just a little of God’s piecing together those “times” into this cluttered work of art whose beauty is only noticed by a Sovereign Eye. And Big Daddy upstairs picks the most interesting ways to communicate to us down here…

I was driving not too long ago in a pretty violent thunderstorm, and the roads were slightly flooded. I went over a patch of road too fast  that had more water on it than I could tell from afar and suddenly found my car hydroplaning (on a small scale) on top of what seemed like an ocean of asphalt. In the commotion, I noticed that I habitually turned the wheel to the right, yet my car turned to the left. Luckily, I ended up with both feet on the brake at a complete stop in the middle of the road, slightly freaked out. It wasn’t until I was almost back to my house that I started seeing some parallels in the hydroplaning incident and my life. 

You see, sometimes, I think God chooses to flood our paths with some minor difficulties and tribulations 1) to make us more aware OF OUR PATH and 2) to make us more cautious of our driving habits. But no matter how flooded our roads may become, no matter how slippery our tires– God steers us in the direction that HE wants us to go. We can turn the wheel whichever way we want, and yet somehow, we will always go in the direction He chooses. It’s the puddles, the lack of traction that become our pathway to God’s plan. Even though we might not like getting showered with trials and tribulations, those showers are made up of the “water” used to nourish and feed God’s future for us. So, God uses things that we might not necessarily enjoy to bring about our ultimate enjoyment– abiding in His plan, in His will. 

So, hydroplaning is cool? Well, no– I would not recommend the literal act of hydroplaning. But sometimes skidding across the problem-soaked path is God’s way of pointing you in the right direction. Steer whichever direction you choose– He will always make sure you are where He wants you to be. 

Timing is everything– nah, that’s a lie. Timing means nothing because the Guy who’s in charge of that timing is also outside of it. Never think you are incapable of getting to “dry land.” Let’s face it– that kind of attitude reflects a follower of Christ who is seriously lacking in faith (guilty as charged). Timing is just some prison that we are forced to live inside of– we look to the One who doesn’t have such bounds for guidance. HIS timing is everything, and it’s nothing like what we imagine it to be. 

This airstream skids, runs off roads, stops, goes, brakes… and hydroplanes. But even in the moments where control is lost, there’s a Sovereignty that directs the chaos of the road. I turn left, but He takes me to the right. I turn right, and He takes me left. So when the road is flooded, when the tires won’t grab the ground, hydroplane with faith. Though you don’t end up where you intend necessarily, you end up where you should be. And if wet roads and lousy tires are what it takes to get you there– so be it. He’ll do it. Because He loves you and He can’t wait to see you see His hand in everything. 

I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again. I quote Mrs. Miranda Lambert:      “Weather what you can, realize what you have.” Yeah, I’m realizing what I have. 

Faithfully Hydroplaning, 



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