The War of Desperate Men

Looking for every speck of light on the Battlefield.

It’s everywhere isn’t it?– this war. This battlefield. This sense of uncertainty of what each day will unveil, the unseen mine-fields, the hidden grenades, the streaming bullets too fast for the human eye to see. We are always challenged, always fought, and always forced to face the casualties of the fight. It’s ever-present, so there’s no hope of rest from the opposition and no expectation of an outright surrender on either side of the line. From the moment we wake up in the morning until the moment we rest once more, we are guarded, prepared, and aware of this greater battle in which we fight with our life. 

Does it sound familiar? Even a little bit? Because if it doesn’t, I don’t think we understand what it means to walk with Christ. I don’t think enough people realize they are on one side or the other of a war-zone, of an innate shoot-out between good and evil, God and Satan. There needs to be a realization– a realization that results in revolution, a change of mindset, and a driving force towards victory for one side or the other. If you say you ride the fence, you are only fooling yourself. Because I know good and well that you are part of my enemy’s team. By not choosing, you’ve spoken loud and clear. Do you know which side you fight for? 

These ideas were introduced to me by Brother Jeff Clark at First Baptist Church this morning, and what you have read so far is the percolating thought process that has resonated thus far from his introduction of such Biblical truth. I find it shocking the amount of people who haven’t yet realized the hugeness of the exact battle they are in the middle of. That’s the scariest– to be a prisoner of war, and not even know it. To be bound, and never even know where you are tied. Welcome to the world that Satan rules in, because it’s the same world you and I both live in RIGHT NOW. This is a world-war of desperate men, a compilation of sin’s entrance to this world and our luring interest in such sin. Like the road trip of life that I have spoken on before, this war is something we are constantly road tripping through. Whether in the forefront or the background of our minds, it is ever-present and resistant to every solution we try to come up with… except one. Jesus Christ. 

You see, we (humans) have this tricky little gift– an innate ability to deal with every little thing this life can pick up and throw at us. It is one of those beautiful promises from God. Needless to say, we who follow this Father can rest assure that everything we encounter can not only be dealt with, but also overcome. The reason? Because the ultimate WAR (ya know, like the big-time, end-all-be-all war) has already be won. We can overcome because someone has already overcome what we are fighting against– death. His name is Jesus, and he shows up best in our desperation for his power. Think on this.

I’m not really sure if this is biblically supported, (I think it is indirectly) but take it for what it’s worth. Desperation should only be reserved for the One to Whom we belong (aka God). We are not supposed to be “desperate” for another human being… we aren’t supposed to have the same love, desire, LONGING, for anyone in the same way we have these feelings for God. If we do, red flags should go up everywhere. We must reserve desperation for the only One who is worthy to have such ownership over us.  We are NOT called to be a desperate people in all aspects of this life. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again– Jesus was not this soft-spoken, passive man who killed people with kindness. Don’t accept this false view of THE WARRIOR who has triumphed our war for us. We must issue strength to our opposition in the ongoing battles of the Christian walk. The daily wars, the every-day-battles– they are won by the men who exemplify such strength and are consistent to be resistant against the enemy’s games. But this ultimate war…the Big Boy one… is a war that’s won by desperate men.  

There are a lot of inconsistencies in this world, this life, THIS AIRSTREAM. The road trip I (as well as everyone) am on is not a predictable process… I don’t know what tomorrow brings. I can’t count on very much, largely because there is little set-in-stone. There are twists, turns, wrecks, stops, gas-ups, and storms that I will never be able to predict beforehand. But this war, these battles, are some of very few constants on my highway. I urge you to develop an awareness of the Battlefield… and begin each day prepared for an enemy attack.

As you travel down whatever highway you find yourself on, know there is a constant fight that has a constant victory for those who call Christ Savior. Do not travel ignorantly. Know when to be strong, and, perhaps more importantly, know the One who deserves your desperation. Acquire the skills, faith, and resilience of both the warrior and the desperate man. When we have learned to combine the two, we have started the development into the followers of Christ we were meant to be. So go out, fight valiantly, surrender desperately, and win the war of desperate men. 

Passin’ through enemy lines, 



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