Go Outside and Dance.


 When is the last time you appreciated a thunderstorm? Or got outlandishly excited about a flat tire? Or even laughed at the annoying ding of a gas light coming on in the car? Well, most normal people would think all of the above options could ruin a road trip in a heartbeat. But why? What is the rush– is pouring down rain and thunder THAT devastating? Can a flat tire really determine whether your day is good or bad? And oh my Lord, is gas that much of a hassle to pull over and get? No. It’s not. We all get so frustrated and set off with the here-and-now that we hurry and scurry to just GET THROUGH whatever situation we find ourselves in as opposed to pulling over and appreciating the not-so-random pauses life throws at us. 

In this airstream, rainy days are a work of art, carefully constructed by a Maker and designed for variety in a forever-long road trip. The pitter patter of a light sprinkle or the pelting bullet-sounds of a downpour– both are beautiful. They remind me this trip is not fully in the bounds of my control. Guess that’s what makes it though isn’t it– the lack of control, the spontaneity, the constant questioning and quick decision-making. It’s what makes us all good drivers on this highway. Speed sometimes goes fastest at the slow-downs in life (think about it). So I have a challenge for all you rainy-day-haters: next time it comes a pouring, go outside and dance. I’m serious. Go outside, get nasty with it! Skip, jump, two-step, dougie… GO PLAY IN IT! Rain doesn’t ruin your day. ever. It saves you from a routine that needs to be broken every once in a while. Let it run its course and go appreciate its purpose. 

Flat tires are…. well, okay, they just suck. But for real, have you ever applied a flat tire to your life? I’m a spontaneity fanatic, but one of the most basic things I’ve learned about being spontaneous is its requirement for an awareness of divine organization. Everything has its own purpose in this world, and sometimes, our tires need to be deflated and brought back to the reality of the place we are in– NOW. Next time you find yourself stranded on the side of the road with a jack trying to fix your pitiful-looking tire, stop. Just for a minute. Examine everything you possibly can about the moment you are in and take a step back. Break from the go-go-go scene that you constantly engage in and observe yourself, your life, YOUR TIRE. Sometimes, its the practical chaos in everyday life that mirrors the ailments of the heart. We may not always like what we see– probably why we don’t care to look very often.  

Gas– I mean if you run out of it in the car, you are just dumb. Sorry, but I speak the truth. You have a freaking gauge that tells you how much you have left. I don’t feel like it’s that difficult to look down… yet I still have found myself in near-empty situations multiple times.  How bout you? Don’t you wish you had a gauge for when your “gas” was low? The truth is, it wouldn’t make a difference. So many people (myself included) are on the move until they literally cannot go anymore. What is it that we fill ourselves up with? What makes the airstreams of our minds tick? And why do we wait so long to refill? Pull over. Take the extra stop and sacrifice a few minutes of your life for a refueled state of mind. I’m all about this life-long road trip, believe me, but I don’t have a gas tank that never needs filling… and neither do you. Hit the blinker, change lanes, and take the next exit. It’s time. And most of us have known it for quite a while. 

Life is one crazy, sloppy, eternally undefined thing… but I know this. The big things in life aren’t really that big. It’s the pull overs, the flat tires, the rain-storms, the empty gas tanks, the smoking engines that make life the road trip it is. The frequent stops keep us learning, reaching, and pausing in order to look at life as a spectator instead of the main character. Learn from the little things and go with the flow. In most cases, the flow that life has arranged for you is a lot more important than your daily routine. So when the rain is at its worst, the tires are as low as they’ll go, and the gas light is ‘abeepin… Go outside and dance. 


I'm swayin' right along!

Rockin’ to the beat of a windshield wiper, 



One thought on “Go Outside and Dance.

  1. You know I love this so much! Terrific post. And excellently written. Just the reminder that everyone needs – especially with the fall semester starting. You know..just take time to enjoy the day that you’ve been given. Enjoy the rain. Learn to deal with a flat. Slow down and refuel. Love it.

    Ritz, I love your writing. And your thoughts. Blog obsession. Nbd.

    Looking forward to doing the dougie the next time it rains.

    From my airstream to yours..

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