Sometimes I wish I lived in an Airstream…

Homemade curtains? Life in the shoes of a gypsy? Roots planted in nothing but a portable home and destinationless road trip? There’s a charm in this said lifestyle– no obligations, no ties, no routines. Everything you are responsible for is carried by a trailer hitch on the back of a car that is constantly moving, itching to hit the road once more each time its transmission drifts into “park.”  It’s a life that embraces spontaneity– open to random exits, speed limits, pull-overs, break-downs, and flat tires. I hope what you’ve read so far suits you because it’s the kind of dynamic this blog will embody. As far as I’m concerned, my mind is a closet gypsy, traveling through whatever it goes through and computing its opinion of the chosen road in somewhat of a comprehendible manner. So, jump on or stay where you are because this journey is going to be a long one.

So, my first blog! I forget my manners… welcome to an airstream state of mind. Some probably wonder where on earth I came up with this title. For those of you who know me well, it is not a shock

My Dream Home.. Yep.

that my blog title came from a Miranda Lambert song (yes- I’m her biggest fan. No- I am not ashamed). In the song she talks about some issues that I believe we all hold back out of fear of the impact they could have. Always being unsatisfied, whether we are free or bridled with the past, always wanting more, even though we pursue, pursue, pursue. She (Miranda) sings about the alluring attractiveness of the road, the unknown, the “next” factor. Truth is, I think we all fantasize about a life of freedom such as this one. But for many of us, the road we are on doesn’t seem to go that route. So, in the words of Merle Haggard (Kyle Nixon- yes, I just referenced Merle. And you.), “I’ll just dream and keep on being the way I am.”

Though the gypsy life does not always correspond to the cards we are dealt in this world, my thought-process is best described as a shining silver airstream, a speeding bullet garnished with some tacky curtains, cheap furniture, and no rear view mirror. When I go through something, I will deal with it only in the moment I endure it. The little I know about this life has taught me that we are in THIS moment to BE IN THIS MOMENT. Learn from the past– yes. Prepare for the future– certainly. But we are called to act in the present. That, I am most sure of.

Gypsies, road trips, curtains, highways, random talking points, Miranda Lambert, and mobile homes. If you don’t like all of those, you probably have already wasted your time reading this. Regardless, it’s time to take one heck of a road trip. Enjoy the ride. And welcome to my airstream.

From my highway to yours,



2 thoughts on “Sometimes I wish I lived in an Airstream…

  1. yayyyyyyy!!!! I love I love I love!!!!! Approved 🙂 Can’t wait to see where the Lord takes you with this, A. Regardless, I can expect a plethora of hey tells of you singing miranda lambert too well into my ear. I’ll stay satisfied with that. 🙂 Congratulations on your new adventure! Love you.

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